Track text messages and phone calls

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Spy on text messages

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SMS and Call Spy for Android

SpyPhone Android Extreme software is a product created for the needs of discreet monitoring of mobile phones — recording conversations, monitoring activities on the smartphone and tracking the device. Compared to its predecessor, the phone's built-in camera features increased resolution. Surveillance software is a simple way to protect yourself against unfair practices. Its functioning was designed to allow for very discreet supervision over the device without interfering into its operation and comfort of using.

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SpyPhone is a tool which allows you to communicate remotely with the phone and control its functioning in an intuitive way. Tapping phone calls in real time — during a conversation, simply call the monitored telephone from a supervisor number to get automatically connected to the conversation and learn its content.

Beginning of every call both inbound and outbound is marked by a text message information about an ongoing call, automatically sent to the supervisor number. These automatic messages are invisible to the surveilled phone's user, and not saved in the phone itself. It is possible to filter the numbers in order to reduce the number of received call notifications.

SpyPhone Android Extreme automatically records phone calls — inbound and outbound alike. The recordings are uploaded to a server, where they can be accessed by the operator via a client panel on a website. Real time listening in on sounds and conversations in the phone's immediate vicinity. Simply make a call from a previously defined supervisor phone at any moment to trigger the microphone of the SpyPhone device audibility comparable to an accidental call, depends on the microphone the device is equipped with.

The call is discreet , not indicated nor recorded by the SpyPhone device.

Private detectives

Recording sounds in the phone's vicinity activated manually via telephone administration panel, accessible after logging in to a user account. Sends a history of all phone calls made from a telephone with SpyPhone Android Extreme software installed. Creates copies of e-mail messages without the attachments , both sent and received by the SpyPhone device default e-mail client and uploads them to the server. Information about the SpyPhone Android Extreme device's location, based on the GPS receiver data 5 metres accuracy , automatic location tracking with pre-set refresh rate, and information about current location on demand text message command, or via the administration panel.

Uploading to the server copies of multimedia files stored on the telephone - pictures taken with the phone's camera, recorded videos, or sounds captured by the phone's voice recorder.

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The message is not recorded in the SpyPhone device's sent messages list. For complete program's operation the Internet connection of the monitored phone is required, via mobile network or Wi-Fi. The best solution is an always-on connection via GPRS General Packet Radio Service , because e-mail data is sent on-the-fly and is not detailed in the billing. In short connections, the collected back recordings, texts or photos are sent rapidly do the pre-determined e-mail address.

Controlling the software is very easy. You need to send the proper command to the SpyPhone telephone number.

How to Spy on Text Messages

Hence, you can know about the activities of your spouse or boyfriend or even monitor any troublesome employee with easiness. There are no complexities involved in the working of such spying apps. Once the app is in action, it will give you a detailed report of each and every call received or dialed from that particular phone. One need not be any technical expert to access the recorded data. You will be provided a private account where all these data will be stored. Hence you can access all the data by logging into your account from anywhere anytime.

You can also ask the vendor for some quick tips to get started with the tracking software. Whenever a call is made to or from the tracked device; a message will be sent to you as notification regarding the same. New features are being added and the spy software is refined day by day.

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For example, the software that are available these days have the facility to not only track the call and messages but to all enable you to access the media content on the device such a pictures and videos. There are no tones while the call is being recorded by which the user can know about the application. With so many features to offer, the number of users of spy apps is increasing day by day. admin