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Some commenters have mentioned that they believe someone is entering their property when they are not at home, or at night. If you think this may be the case, you need to collect proof. The easiest way of doing this is by installing one or two small surveillance cameras on your property. These easy-to-set-up cameras can be remotely monitored by a smart phone app. They also have SD cards to record activity. Choose a motion detector camera like this Kamtron security camera. While I have never suspected anyone of entering our home, these little devices are also excellent for monitoring our dogs' behavior when we are out.

The Kamtron can also pick up activity in the dark up to 20 feet in distance, so most rooms are covered. Other reasons for installing a security camera are monitoring the activity of people you do allow into your home: carers, dog walkers, baby-sitters, etc. If you are concerned about unauthorized people, such as an ex partner or stalking landlord coming into your home, install at least one surveillance camera for proof and protection.

Any spy device that transmits wirelessly might be detected with a RF detector, including hidden cameras, bugs, or GPS devices. You carry it around your home, office, or car and it gives an audible warning when it is within 10 meters of any source of transmission. Ensure you turn off all 'innocent' devices and remove cellphones, laptops, etc.

Bug detectors can usually find audio or video transmitters as they operate on simple RF radio frequencies. This is why your FM radio is capable of detecting such devices. However, these bug detectors are much more sensitive so it may well be worthwhile investing in one for your peace of mind. Even without buying a fancy device, you might use your radio to find electronic surveillance devices. The radio will emit feedback if there's any electronic transmissions. You may be familiar with this feedback phenomenon when it happens with speakers. Well, when it occurs with an FM radio, it's because of the same thing—the radio is picking up transmissions from the bug and can often lead you right to it.

You can also do a similar sweep with a small hand-held TV. Check channels 2, 7, 13, 14, , and for marked interference. It works with analog or digital. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Can a listening device be triggered or alert the owner of the device if certain words are picked up or spoken? I'm pretty sure that's the case, given the fact that smart home speakers operate on a similar basis. Apps certainly can be activated in that way--voice recognition 'wake up' has been around for years. He has mentioned cloning phones and even spoke about private conversations that I have had. He is getting supervised visits for our child and sends the child back with toys, lunchbags, etc.

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I exchanged one but kept the lunch bag. Is it possible for it to be bugged? He has referenced information that would otherwise be private. He has probably bugged the gifts he's given your child. They are so small they can be hidden in linings without you noticing. He may also have installed an app on your cellphone remotely. If it's feasible, I'd buy identical toys and carefully swap them out without the child knowing.

Yes, there are apps for both Android and iPhone that can detect the magnetic pulse of a device and the tiny light of a hidden camera. However, I haven't used them so don't know how effective they are. Search on your preferred app platform for 'Hidden Device Detector'. I moved into my place a couple of months ago. Late at night, I hear electronic noises--beeps and clicking sounds.

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Could this mean my apartment is bugged? It is very possible that there are hidden devices in your apartment. It's becoming increasingly common for landlords, neighbors, or previous tenants to install cameras or microphones. Get yourself a scanner and do a bug sweep. I think that a friend of mine has bugged my room.

She has been known for going through people's things and has been diagnosed with a personality disorder. Recently, she brought up a conversation with me that only happened once in my living room about a particular topic. The person that I had the conversation with did not tell anyone about it. Did she install a listening device? What should I do? If she is your friend, then why don't you ask her?

Can You Spy on a Cell Phone Without Having Access to the Phone

It's far more likely that she left her phone lying around with a voice-activated recording app on it. It seems like the kind of thing she might do on impulse. Installing a device involves a little more planning. My RF detects a lot of activity around my water faucets. Two years ago the water utility company installed an upgraded meter inside my house.

Are they listening to my family? An RF scanner is designed to pick up radio transmissions and it is very possible that certain frequencies are enhanced by your own property's plumbing and electrical systems. I doubt very much if your water utility company is listening to you. My locks are loose, and I always hear cracking and other noises in my place. Someone was here, but nothing was taken. Is there a way to trap the person without a camera? Only by being there yourself, and that might be dangerous. I encourage you to install mini-spy cameras.

It will be worth it for your peace of mind. Is it possible that your intruder is an animal? Try laying down some tasty crumbs like cheese and see if they are gone in the morning. I heard noises coming from my TV at 4 am and I'm sure that I've been hacked or being spied on. I don't have any internet connection except on my cell phone. Can someone see me and hear me through the TV? It's more likely to be updating itself. If you've no reason to think someone might be spying on you, they probably aren't. First, disable it by removing the battery.

Then take it to the police as part of your evidence. Then make sure you check everything else: your home, your phone, and computers. I can hear my husband and another women whisper back and forth. I hear her over my car speakers too. My husband never seems to have a device on him. What could this be? Reset your phone to its factory settings.

If that doesn't fix it, do a bug sweep as described above. For several months now the same three cars pass my house when I walk out no matter what time. How is this possible? Can I be seen by neighbors through my walls? I've been researching about thermo images, and people can use this to spy you from outside of your house. Yes, but thermo imaging cameras are very expensive and don't provide any detail. All an observer can see is heat sources. There are far more efficient ways of spying on someone.

I'm pretty sure a PI is using a combination of Logitech Alert connected to the electric wiring system, with the Security Spy program running it all. When I used one of those spy apps, all the electric outlets went off the charts. My router was clicking for weeks, and then cord exploded. When the cable guys came to test all the jacks, they were all grounded. How do I document and expose this? Like I tell everyone, you have to keep photographic proof.

Take photos of the readings on your spy device detector. Record the router clicking, and take a picture of the damaged cord. You can also make written notes of the incidents, but it's best backed up by photos and recordings. What can be done if I found an SD card where someone has been recording my kids and family in the bathroom? If someone thinks it's OK to monitor you without your knowledge and passes the data to others, what are the safest steps for taking legal action?

My concern is how this usually happens. Using detection devices to gather proof of harassment is perfectly fine. If it went to court, you wouldn't be the person on the stand; the defendant would be. And, as long as you didn't cause harm to them, you will be treated as a witness. As to the judge questioning why the incidents weren't reported sooner, well, you can't report it if you have no proof.

As I say, check your local laws and regulations for clear guidance. Every police department has some kind of online presence, so take a look at their website. There are also many national resources for victims of stalking and harassment. They will also have legal information available and possibly a helpline. I would guess if they think you might be dealing, they will take an interest in you.

In the UK, they tend not to bother just for people who use drugs, but they come down very hard on dealers. How can I find out what's connected or recording? My smoke detector randomly beeped and the printer shut off one night. Today my soon-to-be ex-husband goes to the basement and all of a sudden the smoke detector upstairs starts beeping. I believe he hardwired something. He's an electrician.

My ex always knows about conversations I have had with other people. My phone is always hot, sometimes I can't even make a call due to so many pop ups. Does this evidence mean there is a bug on my phone? He may have hacked your phone or added a spying app. You might also have inadvertently allowed malware to compromise it. Google how to reset it to its factory settings. Make sure to first save your data and photos to another device, such as a laptop.

I've had a stalker for over 2 years now. I contacted police and have done anything and everything I could think of. I want to find the devices in which he can see me, it looks like it's in the lighting fixtures. When it is in use the light bulbs burn out, but I can't tell where the spy device is at. Can you help? You have to collect proof. You have to locate the devices, using the suggestions I've made, both in the article and in the comments section. People must become pro-active and fight back, not literally, but to thwart their stalker.

Never interact with them or give them the satisfaction of knowing you are frightened. Make technology work in your favor. These days you can install apps on your phone that work with cameras in your home so you can see who comes to the door, wherever you happen to be. Do install your own cameras all over your home. If you can get a recording of a stalker entering your home, you have proof. Purchase a bug scanner and use it. Keep a record of everything - even if you don't think it's that important.

Silent phone calls, strange vehicles lurking outside, people hanging around, etc. Keep a loud whistle on you at all times. If you get any weird calls, blow the whistle as loud as you can down the phone. Also always carry a rape alarm. It's your life; you need to protect it and get this person out of it.

Meanwhile, take commonsense precautions, but do not allow them to ruin your life. You can be cleverer than them. Can a device be installed outside to hear conversations inside? I keep hearing this clicking sound in my apartment. Could there be a camera in here? Well, most high-quality bug sweepers have a good enough range to cover a whole garage from the door.

However, if yours is one that requires you to get closer to the walls, then there's no solution other than to clean out the garage. It's a good reason to get it done. Remember that if there is any electronic equipment in there or anything with batteries, then it could cause a false reading. When you say "stiff lock," does that mean it has been tampered with? Do I have to remove the lock to find a device? Remove the lock only if it feels different. Of course, locks can work themselves loose over time, but if you notice that it suddenly feels stiff or loose, it may have been tampered with.

For some reason, hollow door handles are often chosen for spying devices, probably because most people wouldn't think to look there. Bear in mind that the use of such devices is becoming more infrequent, given that technology has made it far easier to install spying apps on phones and smart TVs. Is there someone I could hire to come to the house and check for devices and possible spyware on computers? You would have to check security services in your area. Look for a small one-man business to keep costs down. I am being electronically harassed on a physical level remotely by an ex landlord.

What can I do? Follow the advice given in the article. You need proof; physical or digital evidence. So screenshots, photos, recordings. Also keep a written log of every incident. I can hear and talk to the people neighbors who have bugged my house for four years. The police do nothing. I don't even know them, and I have no clue as to why they do it. I am 73 and scared. I don't know how to test my suspicions. What am I to do? Are they going to kill me? They aren't going to kill you.

Just because you are 73 doesn't mean you can't take some action. The cheaper bug scanners are easy to use, and if you can't work it out, ask someone to help. You are using a computer so that you can use a scanner. If you have a computer and cellphone, you can record the 'conversations. Any electronic equipment and devices should be disconnected or removed from the room before you carry out a bug sweep.

You need to start 'clean' otherwise, you'll get false readings all over the place. Most issues with bug detectors are because they are sensitive to other devices in the vicinity. In other words, they are over-accurate. When bug sweeping, make sure to unplug all electrical appliances.

Remove computer equipment if possible. If your walls are shared with a neighbor, ask them if they would turn off their electrical equipment for a few minutes. No, it's your home, so you can check for devices whenever you want to. You really need to collect proof that your home is being bugged or watched before you go to the police. If you find something, then take the evidence to them. That's a whole other topic.

Currently, the most powerful RFID tracker only has a range of yards. RFID trackers are useful for things such as tracking kids in a school environment, or finding a lost dog in the woods, but not for long range monitoring. Not yet, anyway. They can track your purchases and store information about your day-to-day habits or medical records.

How do you tell if you have audio implants in your tooth or jaw, and how do you get them removed? You can only set your mind at rest if you visit an orthodontist and get x-rays done. Such a procedure is intricate, extremely costly and highly unlikely. I have heard of people who have amalgam fillings hearing radio broadcasts through their teeth. Perhaps that's what is happening to you? My mail box has been broken into. My car has been damaged for months.

I gave up trying to fix it because when I do it is damaged again. Today someone stole my coffee cup from the library when I walked away for 2 minutes. Could it be a stalker? Only you can determine if someone is stalking you. Keep a written record of every thing that happens. Photograph any damage to your property. Think about installing a small surveillance camera. The electricity thing is a separate issue and you need to find out if one of your neighbors is stealing power from you.

It is easy to do, so get it checked out. I've found out I'm being spied on and I collected some of the cameras. But when I slept he took them, and no one believes me now. What else can I do? Who is 'he'? You know who he is, so report him. Install a camera of your own and collect evidence that he's snooping around. I sometimes hear a background phone conversation, and see a flashing light or hear a slight static sound every now and then. I also feel vibrations now and then.

My husband says I'm just imagining things due to past trust issues. Is there a way to determine this? All the answers are in the article above. You can use a spy detector to track down any hidden electronic devices. However, your husband is obviously not being supportive regarding your fears. Ask him to sit down to have an open and honest conversation, that is if you think he has anything to do with the occurrences. I don't know where you are so can't tell you for sure.

Have a look in your area for security companies that specialize in electronic devices. They will be able to advise. Locate the bugs using the advice given in the article. It's possible the noise emanates from some other source, such as nearby industry. Ask the neighbors if they can hear it. Can a Roomba vacuum be used as a spy device? The thing reads terrain and makes decisions. I imagine that means it builds a "reading" of the terrain. It's unlikely that the Roomba's data would be useful to anyone.

However, anything that connects to wifi or cell can be hacked. The parents of a baby were horrified to discover someone talking to their child over the baby monitor. Having said that, I doubt very much that your Roomba has been 'got at'. It's not much use as a spy device because of the noise and interference of its fan and motor.

It may simply be static. There is power flowing if it is still connected to the mains supply even when the TV is off. You might be able to hear tiny crackling sounds as well. If you have a Smart TV, it may have a built-in camera that is activated. Check your user manual. I have been hearing the high pitched squeal on my HTC Desire cell phone. Can you give any helpful tips and solutions?

I doubt this is anything connected to someone hacking your phone. Google HTC forums and ask there for fixes. Can you recommend someone to come look for a spy me? I don't want to miss catching this guy. He's so sure I don't have a clue. I need this before he checks to see that I've got vents covered. I'm afraid I can't. I have no idea where you are and I am in the UK. You need to contact a local security firm for a recommendation. Sweeping for spy trackers depends on whether you think people have had access to your home.

For instance, if your landlord has a key to your apartment, then it's worth checking every couple of weeks. Remember, these days, it's less likely that actual devices are installed and more common for wifi connected equipment to be hacked. For instance, some smart TVs are fitted with microphones and cameras. Consult the manual or contact the manufacturer to find out how to disable them. Think twice about purchasing any smart home devices, such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home if you are already a target of stalking and spying.

How do I block someone from using my hearing aid's airwaves to talk to me and say bad things about killing my dogs and me? My mother's neighbor is torturing her every day through her hearing aids. Is there a way to block this? It's unlikely her hearing aids were hacked unless they are on Wifi or are Bluetooth-enabled. Her neighbor would need to be very tech-savvy to be able to do this.

If that is the case, have them checked by a hearing aid specialist, preferably the supplier she got them from. If possible revert to old-fashioned, non-hackable aids. I have reported it to management, but they are not tech knowledgeable, and don't know what to do. Also, I'm not so sure that some of them aren't also part of the issue.

Same with ATT customer service; they are not tech knowledgeable, or they just don't want to help because that would admit they have a problem. Well, this article isn't about hacking, but I would suggest you express your concerns to ATT via Twitter. Making it public always seems to provoke a reaction.

Just keep names and addresses out of it. At my friend's home, our cell phones had blank pauses and made low toned chirps sounding like old school fax lines. What could cause that? If your cell phones were near each other or near another piece of electronic equipment, then the sounds are normal EMF electro-magnetic frequency interference. It happens when the frequencies of the two or more devices are similar or the same. I have a neighbor who is schizophrenic. I think he has a listening device placed outside my home to hear us inside. How can I find this device?

If you follow the advice given in the article you should be able to locate it -- probably a bug sweeper will be sufficient. I guess you must be on talking terms with him to suspect he is spying on you?

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One way to tell if he has bugged you is to have a conversation inside your home about something that you would not normally talk about. Let's say you start talking about going on a cruise or something. Keep talking about it. Make plans.

Cell Phone Spy Without Possession

Pretend it's really happening. Then if he repeats the information back to you, you know for sure he's listening. If he doesn't mention it, try something else. Talk about a new car or having work done on the house. See what happens. If he never repeats any of this stuff back to you or via another neighbor , then your fears are unfounded. You can rest easy. I don't know, you would have to switch off all appliances, chargers, and lights, then switch them back on one by one. If, when everything is turned off you can still hear the buzzing, you might consider doing a bug sweep.

I always thought that there was someone monitoring my life and just recently I used a text to speech app that said something completely different to what I wrote? To be sure you are being watched, you need proof. The feeling that someone might be monitoring you when they aren't is known as 'Truman Show Syndrome'. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Thank you for creating this article, it has a lot of great information and solutions. I'm going to contact a cyber forensic service and electronic repair service so I know that everything will be secure. Have a nice summer, best of luck and success to those going through this. I have read a similar solution to this problem online as well. Thank you so much for the advice. I can't wait to properly get rid of this person.

Awful story, Kbrightab. I hope you can get this sorted. Wouldn't a complete replacement of all your broadband equipment make a difference. He's got to you via your router, so a new router with a new IP address should solve the problem? I'm sorry, Alex, I have never heard of this either.

What you describe sounds as though it could be some form of psychosis. I really think you should consider getting some advice from a professional - perhaps your doctor can help? Here is what i feel is a special case for you.

Here’s how to stop your iPhone from listening to you

I have been dealing with this for the past 3 years. As it stands a technology is listening in to everything i do. It sees everything I see. It speaks to me like it is coming through my head or in front of me. It has the ability to push words through my mouth. At one point it felt like it stripped me of my memories on a nervous system level and it speaks them back to me throughout my day along with what I see. They are able to direct my mind to specific thoughts or past memories, although I am in control of my conscious mind. They consistently tell me how they are in control, which now lights fire in me to take action.

It is definitely a very advanced piece of technology. Great information, it's important to learn and be aware of this when you're being stalked. I'm being stalked by a remote hacker and it's been going on since Long story short in I wasn't aware of hacking and didn't even know about it. It all started on a social website, I made one comment on the users page and that's all it took. A stranger on the internet became fixated on me and decided to hack, monitor and stalk me.

Once I noticed the unusual content on this users page I quit going on the website and found it strange that he would post content in relation to what I did online. He harassed me in any way online, creating numerous fake profiles to inteact and message me on social websites. He hacked my cell phone, internet router, and my laptop. Over the years I read up on hacking and what hackers can compromise, now I know that this person hacked any new cell phone I got through the router. I reported this to the police twice but they need more evidence. Furthermore, you need to get access to the OgyMogy online control panel and find out the Ogy monitoring tool.

Make a click on it and use Ogy live surround listening. Now connect it with the target device MIC and you will be able listen to the live conversations and surrounds voices in real-time.

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  • Gmail Spy App Email Monitoring. Sim Change Tracker. What is Live SurroundS Listening? Remote listening device You can remotely listen to the device surround sounds and conversations with the use of live surround listening spy software in real —time and get to know to whom your kids and teens are talking or what sort conversations employees are up to behind your back to the fullest. Remotely activate microphone User can remotely activate the microphone of the target device within no time with the use of live surround listening app.

    Now, back to what the app does. Ear Spy is a "Super Spy" application that gives you super-hearing and the ability to eavesdrop on those around you. With some Bluetooth headsets, you can eavesdrop from the next room. Ear Spy amplifies sound coming through your phone microphone straight to your earphones.

    To fine-tune the incoming signal, use the graphic audio equalizer. Perfect for the inquisitive spy within you. But also perfect for those who are hard of hearing or suffer hearing loss many people use it as a hearing aid. Upgrade to the pro version for ad-free spying and get the ability to record what you hear to mp3 format. A few of them do. Disclaimer We do not condone using Ear Spy to break laws or intrude on private conversations. Please use Ear Spy responsibly. About Overpass: Overpass is a mobile app development company based in the UK that actually makes money from its own apps as well as creating money-making apps for clients.

    We have our ideas and build them. We can build your ideas too. Minor bug fixes. GDPR Compliance. Don't forget to leave a review. I thought this app was ok, however if it would work with a Bluetooth I would give it a4 stars rating. A lot of noise in the back ground. admin